• Alterations / Conversions in Balinger

Alterations / Conversions in Balinger

We are conversant with many modifications and alterations you may require. The possible outcome for conversions, loft conversions and extensions will be based on a number of internal and external factors such as property style, roof height and any specific local planning regulations.

We can effectively handle projects ranging from small alterations right through to large home extensions and new builds. R2 offer an enthusiastic approach to any project whilst following our commitment to quality workmanship.

Building Alterations and Conversions

Alterations and Conversions may include:

Access Creation or improvement
Access creation or improvement

We undertake works for parish and local authorities, grant works and private homeowners who require improvements in access to parts or components of their homes or buildings. This maybe widening, moving or creating doorways, removing or creating steps or ramps, installation of handrails.

Amenity improvement
Amenity improvement

It maybe that additional amenities such as a (ground floor) bathroom or a cloakroom are required, or alterations to an existing bathroom. Some of these works are subject to council grants, dependant on circumstances.

Arches and archways
Arches / archways

You may require a new internal or external doorway or aperture of some kind. We can install a variety of archways dependant on your design and any type of door system on the market.

Garages, Building Car Garages

Many existing garages are not suited to the storage of modern vehicles and homeowners attitudes towards integrating this 'available' space within the confines of the rest of their home have changed over the years. It is possible that you require this space as a bathroom or cloakroom, bicycle or general insulated/heated storage, or to extend your kitchen or lounge into it, or to create a different type of living space from it such as a study.

Loft Conversion
Loft Conversion

Many homeowners would benefit from the additional amenity of another bedroom and/or bathroom within the existing footprint of their home. We often amicably achieve this with the clever siting of a new staircase, a variety of roof windows or dormers and the reconfiguration/relocation of existing (typically) plumbing equipment.

Enhanced Light
The acquisition of Light

Everyone wants their home to be lighter and there is an almost infinite amount of products on the market to assist. The installation of roof windows and atriums is still the most popular, we are happy to install windows of any size, shape and material.

To enquire about Alterations / Conversions in Balinger or surrounding areas, please contact our team for an estimate. You can call us (number at the top of the page) or fill out our form to request a callback. A visit from our alterations / conversion team is where it all starts. A free consultation where we listen carefully to your ideas and requirements. We provide practical advice and a quotation for all works. We take care of everything from plumbing, electrics, roofing, decorating and more...

We can provide alterations and conversions in and around Amersham and also the following locations:

This list of locations is not exhaustive and we are happy to entertain enquiries from locations which are not featured on the list. Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do.