• Upgrades / Restyling

Upgrades / Restyling

Many homes require some form of upgrading so as to better comply with building regulations. Many people would like to make their home more efficient in some way, whether this is to provide a quieter living space, to combat rising energy costs by insulating or using energy more effectively by improving control over various features within the home. Some people would just like to change something for the better, creating their own feel.

Restyle or Upgrade

Upgrade / Restyle:

Replacement timber floors and hot water underfloor heating
Replacement timber floors with hot water underfloor heating

Further details to follow.

Replacement ceilings / insulation
Replacement ceilings / insulation

Further details to follow.

Thermal improvements; replacement wall plastering with insulated plaster board and Installation of cornice
Thermal Improvements

Everything from ultra heat efficient double glazed windows and doors to roof insulation upgrades.

To enquire about Upgrades / Restyling or surrounding areas, please contact our team for an estimate. You can call us (number at the top of the page) or fill out our form to request a callback. Our team of tradesmen cover all aspects of upgrading / refurbishing a property to the highest standards. From a single room to a whole house, we can provide a solution for any property to be transformed.

We can upgrade or simply restyle existing rooms or outdoor spaces in the the following locations:

This list of locations is not exhaustive and we are happy to entertain enquiries from locations which are not featured on the list. Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do.