• Engineering/Building Control

Engineering/Building Control

We can provide a full service from project inception and the planning stage through to final completion. After the planning stage and before the commencement of works most reasonable sized projects require some engineering and involvement from the local authority building control.

In order to achieve a suitable degree of detail a plan will be generated for inspection by the relevant authority and yourself.

The building control related plans make clear specific construction related information onto or in addition to the architectural design. They can also form the basis of any agreement, tender documents or contract.

If the project is small or simple in nature it maybe that a building notice is required or preferable, this too can be arranged.

We have worked closely with the representatives from most surrounding authorities and understand the complexities of the building control regulations. We can provide all of the documents required and arrange all necessary inspections.

If your project requires a structural engineer or any other specialist we work closely with a variety of local qualified and indemnified consultants.

We provide a Engineering/Building Control service in the following areas

This list of locations is not exhaustive and we are happy to entertain enquiries from locations which are not featured on the list. Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do.